World’s Most Successful Authors Of All Time

World’s Most Successful Authors Of All Time

JK Rowling for the novel series of Harry Potter, Stephenie Meyer for the “bite” series and Antoine de Saint-Exupery for his “The Little Prince: are highly popular and successful but only with a single book.

But there are some prolific writers who year after year present some very extraordinary novels and remain Bestsellers.

Here are some all time successful authors who cannot be matched today.

Dan Brown

Dan Brown is the author who has always been on the list of best-selling authors. He has set a clear example of how perfectly “page turner” works.

Before becoming a successful writer he used to teach English and had also tried a hand as a singer and composer.

Agatha Christie

She is famously known as the queen of mystery stories. She has written a large number of books which are worth billions of dollars. This is the reason why she is still hard to beat even for some very successful writers and authors who are alive today.

Her most famous book was Murder on the Orient Express in which the famous fiction character Poirot who solves the murder mystery. Sources say that till now around 4 billion copies of her work have been sold till date.

Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho comes in the category of writers who write wisdom for everyone and for every purpose. He is well known as a master of light style. He is a very straightforward writer and presents everything in the straightest way possible so that his thoughts can reach directly the heart of his readers.

All the books which he has written are international successes but his book “The Alchemist” is one of the most translated books and holds a Guinness Book of World Records for the same.